The grazing with three cows

The grazing with three cows

Grazing and Gazing

In the language game used in the title of the work, there is a point that points to two main aspects of the work: one is the cinematic and documentary aspect of the work and the other is what happens in stillness and looking at the frames: something of the kind of what happens in one of the oldest art medias, painting.
I have always dreamed of being a painter, and although I had never been able to work in this medium, this desire has always played a dominant role in my use of the camera.
At a time when cinema, like many artistic mediums, is caught in a cycle of repetition, in my opinion, perhaps the way out of this situation and to restore the novelty and magic of the image is to return to the original fountains of pictorial art. nature and its painting.
The main challenge in this way is to move between these two mediums and their fields. A field of motion (cinema) and a meaningful field in stillness (painting).
In following the three black cows, like a painting workshop helded in nature, they were going from frame to frame like painting models and I was tried to record the process of their movement and stillness, which caused them to becomed a dark background for the frames, and each time they presented a fresh and full detailed image of nature to the audience. and in the next step I had to find the right arrangement for Show these frames in the form of cinema medium.
An enjoyable, overwhelming, and sometimes unattainable challenge, but a lovable experience in the pursuit of an old dream.

Directed by Mohamadreza Mohajer (Iran)

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