Fable of The Hired Guns and The Woman Who Cried Witch

Fable of The Hired Guns & The Woman Who Cried Witch

James and Rust, two of the most feared bounty men of the old west, find themselves on the brink of the new world, one where tranquility is plentiful, and paydays are scarce.

James receives word by letter that a gargantuan opportunity to make some coin has risen in the north east; only problem, it potentially involves the supernatural.

Rust’s apprehension is a point of contention between the two partners as they approach the “forest that spits out bones”, a place where the fables of a witch keep the locals from venturing into the trees.

Call it pride, ego, “masculinity”, whichever quality you wish, James has an over abundance of it, and won’t be deterred by “children’s tales”.

As the day unravels, so does the likelihood of these two cold-blooded guns for hire making it through unscathed.

Rust, James, and the woman that lives in the forest all have one thing in common; they want to make it out alive.

And so it begins,

The Fable Of The Hired Guns
The Woman Who Cried Witch

Directed by Timothy A. Coons (USA)

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