Down the Caravan

Down the Caravan

‘Down the Caravan’ is a comedy drama set on a caravan site and clubhouse in West Wales. The clubhouse is generally the small seaside town’s local pub where the locals and caravaners drink and socialise. Dai Hyatt, a farmer’s son, has transformed Evergreen Campsite into a successful business alongside maintaining his stagnant 20-year marriage to Brenda. Dai has always held a torch for Maggie, his childhood friend and clubhouse worker. When one day they finally give into their passion, a heart attack is induced, and Dai dies 2 days later. However, a message from beyond the grave ensues carnage, tension and hilarity when it is revealed that Brenda and Maggie will have to put their troubles aside and work together both as business partners and wife and mistress!

Directed by Sara Sugarman (UK)

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