A Reasonable Dance

A Reasonable Dance

Logline: A young man decides to mourn his dead friend by holding a gay
striptease show in a cemetery – just one catch: first, he must convince
the parents

Synopsis: After Sean died from a sudden heart attack, his two best friends Billy and Gary discover the cause is that he was too excited when watching a gay dance on a porn website as he was jerking off. Billy and Gary have no idea that Sean was gay and why he always hidden from them. Anyway, Billy and Gary decides to hold a gay striptease for Sean as a gift in front of his tomb. Unfortunately, they get caught by the cemetery’s security. When Sean’s parents come, they realize that the reason why Sean always covered his sexual orientation was his family tradition. At that point, Billy turns his mind that the comprehension of Sean’s parents is a better gift than simply holding a striptease show with Gary. But he fails. After leaving the security room, Billy and Gary decide to return to the cemetery and continue the dance. But when they are ready to dance, they find Sean’s parents are naked as well.

Directed by Shuang He (Australia)

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