Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

“Eyes Wide Open” is a short film based on the influence of knowledge, friendships, and global perspectives Eddie Allegretti experienced during his unusual semester abroad in the spring of 2020. The short film presents an audio-visual trip through the eyes of Eddie Allegretti, featuring his debut single “Eyes Wide Open (Revolution Song)”. A week after being forced to abruptly return to the United States in the middle of March, Eddie would eerily prophesize the state of our nation and world alike in lyrics that seem to have been summoned from a realm beyond mortal comprehension. The raw acoustic nature of Eddie’s style of performing, writing, and production lends itself to the rawness of footage captured throughout this brief blip in time. “Eyes Wide Open (Revolution Song)” blares its warning siren to the world through the title track’s shocking and aggressive musical arrangement.
The world is changing rapidly. What are your optics? How will you use the short time you have been gifted in this life? You can scream bloody murder all you want with your eyes closed… You will never see a thing without Eyes Wide Open.

Directed by Eddie Allegretti (USA)

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