Trish, A 40ish year old, divorced, ER Nurse, tries to come to terms with a whole new generation, aka 5G, of crazy. WiMe-5G is what I like to call my non-reality, reality show, based on the absurd life events of one woman, this woman’s, existence, often leaving her/me asking, Why, Why me? at the end of each and every day.
WiMe-5G is a an episodic, comedic web-series, or stand alone, seen through the eyes of Trish, our protagonist. It’s set in present day, NY, with recurring flashbacks to her NY upbringing.
Throughout, we watch Trish try to navigate her way through life in the 5G, (aka- next generation) of crazy.
Throughout her existence, absurdity and lunacy have always had an affinity for her, with no exception as she ages. The more dealings she has with the next generation’s new cultural insanities, the more she finds herself shaking her head, asking WiMe?
Trish is in on the joke. She just doesn’t understand how it’s possible she’s usually the butt of it. The uncanny situations she encounters on a daily often leave her wondering if she’s being punked. Although a middle-aged, seemingly mature healthcare professional, she tends to comedically expose her inner immaturity, sick sense of humor, and sometimes neuroses, through constant unexpected situations. Whether at work in the ever-so-insane Emergency Room, at home with her abnormal neighbors and cancer sniffing dog, or on a series of borderline psychotic online dates, we see just how abnormal her life is.
Trish has no problem pushing the envelope, nor does Trish the writer of the series. Based on the writer’s real life episodes, the protagonist Trish portrays her authenticly different take on this world. She instills humor into characters’ flaws, eccentricities, and differences, rather than adhere to the expectations of silence, shame, and pity.
Her use of humor in awkward situations is routinely mistaken for offensive by other characters, making her the target of elaborate misunderstandings.
The show boldly takes the stigmas out of disabilities, illnesses, races, minorities, women, et al, giving names and voices to the numbers they’re sometimes given. She empowers through comedic eyes of observation, rather than tiptoe around life’s realities of tabbood topics. It’s a fearless light of awareness she shines on the tropes of every day individuals so we can all take a look in the mirror of truth, and laugh. Her writing’s blunt and innocently honest, as is Trish, with a profound weakness for the underdog. Throughout the pilot or stand alone, Wi the Muck, we meet a whole new world of 5G insanity through Trish’s ER patients, family, friends, stalker neighbor, online dates, and even her cancer sniffing dog. Et tu Muck Muck, Wi the F&@k F&$k ?
Sharing her own rather unusual encounters only makes her character more comedically endearing or ok, ok, some may say despicable. However I like to call it, her/my sometimes misunderstood truth. ;).
Welcome to my world in the 5G!

Written by Patricia Hayes (USA)

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