Loco-Motions: Tavares Bastos

Loco-Motions: Tavares BastosAs a favela, Tavares Bastos has come to existence in the medial mirrorworld, far beyond its true location on a hillside of Rio de Janeiro. In this mirrorworld Tavares Bastos becomes a There, a place of the Other, without uniqueness and with a life portrayed as dangerous and disordered. This mirrorworld negates the rich social life of the true place, Tavares Bastos.

Loco-Motions: Tavares Bastos is a Poetic Documentary reflective of the life in Tavares Bastos, a small neighborhood in Brazil. A team of filmmakers led by Johan Granberg and Byrad Yyelland collected materials under 5 years in this small neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

Directed by Johan Granberg (Brazil)

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