SorrowJacque meets with Red at a ruined church.
She has committed an ultimate act of betrayal, and Red says she’ll never forgive her.
When Red walks off through the Screaming Woods, Jacque follows her.
Unable to bear the pursuit, Red begs to be left alone.
When they reach the old Gothic house that is their home, Red denies Jacque entry.
Jacque circles the house, and claws at the window begging to be let in.
After Jacque manages to slip inside the house behind Red’s back, repeatedly begs to be acknowledged, but Red refuses her.
Jacque tells Red that if she persists in denying her, she will be trapped for eternity.
Is Jacque dead? Is Red?
Are they forever locked in a cycle of suicide and betrayal?
Outside the animals scream, and inside the fire burns.

Directed by Sam Edwards (UK)

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