“Cancer” is a moving comedy drama on a very serious topic with snippets of light humored comedy, based exclusively on the world of oncology. It is the coming of age story of Victor Fuego, a painfully naïve 6’ 3” big man baby with thick curly hair, raised by two women – a cranky paternal grandmother of Indian Hindu origin and a strong-headed mother of Mexican Catholic origin. Through the eyes of Victor, we get a rare glimpse into the daily behind the doors functioning of a cancer clinic with very diverse and complex, often malignant, characters. Through the medium of comedy drama/dark comedy, this series is supposed to be very educational to the general public about the world of oncology. It’s a novel and original concept that, to our knowledge, has not appeared on TV anywhere in the world. Cancer casts an exceptionally diverse array of nearly 40 eclectic characters that transcend racial, religious, ethical, sexual, even national boundaries. While the episodes are centered around Victor’s relationships with his patients and doctors in the clinic, they also provide the audience with a glimpse into the lives of other characters. There is something in store for everyone due to the diverse, complicated characters, that the audience can relate to.

Directed by Vatsal Patel (USA)

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