“Happier” tells the story of a teenage boy who is unhappy in his current life. Living in a simulated reality, it is easy for his controller (or God), to add, change, and implement things within his life that will make him happier. In this case, that change is the introduction of a girl. When his gamer takes a break, the Hero character takes matters into his own hands and chooses to spend time with the girl who began to bring him happiness. He demonstrates the notion that subjects existing in a simulated reality may possess some degree of free will. Upon returning to his game in the morning, the controller notices that his Sim character’s mood bars are finally full, symbolizing that he has reached a stage of happiness. Thus, the girl is no longer necessary and she is deleted. What happens to memories in a simulation once they are deleted? Could that be what we perceive as being dreams?

Directed by Avril McAmmond (Canada)

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