Technical Categories: Nominations of February 2023

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Genre Categories: Nominations of February 2023

Best Producer


Best Female Director

Kim Hopkins and Abigail Breslin for The Cannibals (USA)

Lisa Singletary for Walking in the Wrong Direction (USA)

Yuval Sol Boker for A Brush With Death (Israel)

Best Male Director

Cam Duncan for Welcome To Hollywood (USA)

Steven Lundgren for Fog of War (USA)

Titouan Laporte for Le magasin des compliments (France)

Best Student Female Director


Best Student Male Director

Aaron Brewer for Between the Black Keys (USA)

Kenneth Ikaika Aune for It Lives With Me (USA)

Milan Tangirala for Countdown (USA)

Best First Time Female Director


Best Young Male Filmmaker


Best Actor


Best Acting Duo

Abigail Breslin and Kim Hopkins for The Cannibals (USA)

Samantha Green and Aya Zayter for Walking in the Wrong Direction (USA)

Valentina Torresi and Cornelius Boeder for Fog Around August (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Cheryl e Grant, Judy Krause, Johanna Day, Hunter Lustberg, Karl Kenzler, Jane Edith Wilson, Dinah Pehrson, Kyra Orr, Lucas Elijah Friedman, Dewey Bernstein, and Molly Carden for Women Of An Uncertain Age (USA)

Eleanor Lambert, Cade Burk, Patrick Johnson, Jeff Burkes, Brian Hoyson, Michael McDonagh, Rene Ramirez, Sage Kimball, Natalie Shershow, and Emma Mumford for Rainfall The Band (USA)

Fiach Kunz, Robert Bourke, Jessica Messenger, Mikey Casey, Ben Collopy, Graham Gill, Rachel Cobb, and Steven G. Farrell for Mersey Boys: A Letter from Al Moran (Ireland)

Michael Vlamis, Eli Goodman, Jack Forcinito, Michael Trevino, Ron Weisberg, and Joshua Horton for Fog of War (USA)

Tsahi Halevi, Gily Itskovitch, Mor Sarusi, and Arik Zilberman for A Brush With Death (Israel)

Best Original Screenplay

Shane Peltzman for Rainfall The Band (USA)

Titouan Laporte for Le magasin des compliments (France)

Yuval Sol Boker for A Brush With Death (Israel)

Best Adapted Screenplay


Best Production Design

Fog of War (USA)

Home (USA)

Kim Hopkins for The Cannibals (USA)

Best Cinematography

Fog of War (USA)

Hudson Bloom for Welcome To Hollywood (USA)

Rainfall The Band (USA)

Best Editing


Best Special FX


Best Special Makeup


Best Set Design


Best Original Song

A Notch Below Superman by Lucas Elijah Friedman and Cheryl e Grant, for Women Of An Uncertain Age (USA)

SerendiPity by Eddie Allegretti (USA)

The Alan Song by Joi Barua and Susan Mey Lee Lim (Singapore)


Genre Categories: Nominations of February 2023

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