Technical Categories: Nominations of August 2023

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Genre Categories: Nominations of August 2023

Best Producer


Best Male Director

Baz Black for Haptic (Ireland)

Mouayed Zabtia for Story of Godia (Libya)

Quentin Ferrant for Heavenly Flames (Canada)

Best Student Female Director

Jisoo Kim for Little White Lies (USA)

Qianhui Yang for Qian Hua (China)

Sarah Layton for Daisies (USA)

Best Student Male Director


Best First Time Male Director

Haomin Zhu for Asynchronous (China)

Joey Povinelli and Ella Clover for Interitus Adfectus (USA)

Nolan Tondreau for Omerta: The Commission Has Fallen (USA)

Best Actress

Carmen Serano for Roberta’s Rules (USA)

Ella Clover for Interitus Adfectus (USA)

Sayla De Goede for Heavenly Flames (Canada)

Best Actor


Best Supporting Actor


Best Child/Young Actor


Best Acting Duo

Ayada Dube and Bhaavika Gaddam for Roommates (USA)

Baz Black and Ellen Costa for Haptic (Ireland)

Ryan De Quintal and Timothy Oakes for Omerta: The Commission Has Fallen (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Derrex Brady, Carmen Serano, Page Kennedy, Aida Rodriguez, Giovanni Cristoff, Sean Holland, Vanoy Burnough, June Christopher, Casey Zeman, Jasmine Sim, Shane Dorriz, Mike Foy, David Michael Moran, John Taferner, Michael Gitomer, Tammie Young, Tiffany Walker, Sara Albrecht, Selam Seifu, Ryu Brady, Zara Morrison, Deborah Marcano, Phyllis Duke, Janina Bates, and Patricia Bates for Roberta’s Rules (USA)

JD Starnes, Marcus Adair, George Sams, Cielo Gomez, Chloe Veeder, Polly Ketcham, and Bob Tabor for The Nature Doc – Episode 1: Mating Season (USA)

Karel Ebergen, Alex Vergel, Emily Yetter, Jon Bangs, and Derek Chariton for New Friend (USA)

Best Original Screenplay


Best Production Design

Julia Dent and Daryke Cassar for Kept (USA)

Just 14 (UK)

Kati Dean for Asmodeus (USA)

No Devil Lived On (Thailand)

Story of Godia (Libya)

Best Cinematography

Ethan Schatz for The System (USA)

Julian Zakrzewski for Heavenly Flames (Canada)

Shane Serrano for Haptic (Ireland)

Story of Godia (Libya)

The Common Good (Austria)

Best Special FX


Best Sound Mixing


Best Original Score

Bennett Mains for Leave No Trace (USA)

I Want To Forget (USA)

Pakk Hui for Roberta’s Rules (USA)

Best Original Song

New Friend by Good Hair, Stephen Harrod, and Stephen Marsiano, for New Friend (USA)

Out of My Mouth by Madeline Rosene (USA)

Sleep by Glittercult, Bennett Mains, and Taylor Terrazas, for Leave No Trace (USA)


Genre Categories: Nominations of August 2023

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