Technical Categories: Nominations of April 2021

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Genre Categories: Nominations of April 2021

Best Producer


Best Director (Female)

Andrea Devaux for I’m Fine (USA)

Renee Garcia for Immigrant Mother (USA)

Robbie Barnes for The Lesson (USA)

Best Director (Male)


Best Student Director (Male)

Jackie Chang for Lost Spirit (USA)

Lawrence Terrill for The Dentist (USA)

Mylo Butler for Sundown Town (USA)

Safi Jafri for 75 Cents (USA)

Travis Patten for Jackalby (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Cam Marshall for Holy Zombie (USA)

Jamie Lokoff for My Sister (USA)

Kim Je Hyun for 4.5m² (South Korea)

Revaz-Giorgi Arveladze for Creeping Occupation (Georgia)

Sean Carlo Martini for Manhood (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female)


Best Young Filmmaker (Male)


Best Actress

Claire McPartland for Her Kind (USA)

Delilah Andre for White Dove: The Origin (USA)

Nina Jordan for I’m Fine (USA)

Shelby Alayne Antel for God Save the Queen (USA)

Victoria Vertuga for Once Beautiful Woman (USA)

Best Actor

Connor Trineer for Jon Hamm (USA)

Michael Boston for Velvet Crush (USA)

Ryan Chavez-Richmond for Holy Zombie (USA)

Stephen Alkus for Brothers (USA)

Stephen Drury Phillips for The Confession (USA)

Best Supporting Actress


Best Supporting Actor


Best Child/Young Actress


Best Acting Duo

Brooke Burton and Jessi Melton for Finding Mr. Right (USA)

Cory Watts and Bruce Clifford for 75 Cents (USA)

Izel Chen and Wenjing Shi for Woods in The Rain (China)

Michael Joseph Pierce and Eddie Vincent for Memento (USA)

Terrance A Smith and Steve Wilson for Central Command (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble

Angela Cole, Lina Edwards, and Katelynn Newberry for Pretty Metal (USA)

Darcy Doyle, Stephanie Oustalet, and JuliAnna Briscoe for Jackalby (USA)

Sam Tutty, Shona Graham, Rosie Steel, and Amanda Gordon for Four Minute Warning (UK)

Scott Peat, Adam Lively, David Meadows, and Leo Martini for Manhood (USA)

Sonja Inge, George Capacete, Cori Allison, Christopher Moaney-Lawson, Paola Calliari, Peyton Grufik, Amy Hamill, Viviana Saavedra, Sofia Clifton, and Alina Abbe for Wellness (USA)

Best Original Screenplay

Kip Pearson for I’m Fine (USA)

Michael Boston for Velvet Crush (USA)

Travis Patten for Jackalby (USA)

Best Production Design


Best Cinematography


Best Editing

Edgar for Edgar – HD (France)

Jose Restrepo for Fly Myself Home (USA)

Kostiantyn Mishchenko for … Lucid Dreams (USA)

Best Sound Design

Cody Cichowski and Jamie Lokoff for My Sister (USA)

Fly Myself Home (USA)

Henri Rapp for Pretty Metal (USA)

Manhood (USA)

Woods in The Rain (China)

Best Sound Editing


Best Sound Mixing


Best Original Score

“Sky” (Jim Schuyler) for I’m Fine (USA)

Germano Mazzocchetti for Solitude (Italy)

Manu Martin, Ron J Danziger, and Joi Barua for Fantasy of Companionship Between Human and Inanimate (Singapore)

Best Costume Design


Best Makeup and Hairstyling


Best Special Makeup


Best Set Design


Best Original Song

Boy Scientist by Ron J Danziger (USA)

HD by Edgar (France)

Saturn by Superflush (USA)


Genre Categories: Nominations of April 2021

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