Semi-finalists of May 2021

All Aboard! by Jim Norman (USA)

Alterify by Julien Surdeau (France)

Cleaning Junkie by Josh Horvath (USA)

Coronapocalypse by Safir Monroe (USA)

Deerstalker by Richard Marra (USA)

Elohim’s Theme by Ryuho Okawa, Sayaka Okawa, Yuichi Mizusawa, and Hisaaki Takeuchi (Japan)

Felis by Joey Angerone (USA)

I Had To by Earnesto Rhea (USA)

Paranormal Micro Bites: File 013 – The Chupacabra by Eduardo Ramirez (USA)

Pop to Punk: The Tragic Story of Gerry Pop by Nicholas Muhlbach (USA)

Release by Emmy Carlyle Albritton (USA)

The Liberty Bell and The Assembly of Freedom by Carter Stoudt (USA)

The Man in the Back Seat by Tom Kircher (USA)

The Stress Hat by Rubina Mian and Omar Mian (UK)

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