Pickford Theater: Block 2.3 – Romances (1.35pm – 3.15pm)

The Untitled Portrait of Red

Bruce, a Chinese teenager who came to study in the United States, graduated from high school. He and his free spirited French girlfriend Marianne spend their last day in Ojai, California. Bruce begins to hesitate between Marianne’s elopement plan and the perfect future that his father planned for him. He enters a surreal journey of memories, imaginations, and the artworks of René Magritte, trying to find his final decision. 

Directed by Simeon Hu (USA)

Los Angeles premiere


It’s the end of summer in Ocean City, Maryland. A young crab house waitress, Olivia, has fallen for her Irish coworker and made plans to move to Dublin with him. On the eve of their departure, Olivia must decide between the intoxicating promise of a new life and the bonds that tie her to home.

Directed by Emmi Shockley (USA)

A Dilemma

Liu Xi’s boyfriend-Zhai Yu is a film composer with a minor reputation who is at rock bottom due to careless remarks, cannot recover after a setback and treats the emotion and life extremely negatively. Liu Xi determines to restore the feeling with Zhai Yu in her own way based on a chance coincidence.

Directed by Sam lam (China)

Two Strangers

A man wakes up in his car stranded in the middle of nowhere. He looks for help and finds comfort for a night with the local mechanic that sees him for who he really is.

Directed by Sam Fayed (USA)

USA premiere


When Darren agrees to give Irene a ride to a birthday party, we journey into the depths of his fragile ego as it becomes clear that the evening will fall short of his deluded expectations. Starring and co-produced by Academy Award-Nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes.

Directed by Mike Manning (USA)