Fairbanks Theater: Block 3.1 – Documents & Experiments (10am – 11.40am)


“Together-Alone” is a series of cinematic portraits of people navigating through mental health challenges, who open up about their experiences along the way. An honest yet light delivery, sets out to create ease for the viewer to relate, reflect and release.

Directed by Dorith Mous (Netherlands)

USA premiere

The Magician

The documentary follows retired-adult-film-star and author, Christopher Zeischegg, as he attempts the synthesis of art and black magick. An exploration of love, revenge, art-as-addiction, and the toxic pursuit of fame. “The Magician” is an explicit and lyrical journey, ambitious beyond its scope. The genre-defying film was produced by Luka Fisher, and features photos by Gina Canavan, and (re)enactments from queer artists, Sheree Rose, Kevin Killian, Nikki Darling, Peter Kalisch, Kayla Tange, and more.

Directed by Matthew Kaundart (USA)


A young girl becomes increasingly consumed by the delusion of the world inside social media and lost in the blurred lines of what is reality and what is not.

Directed by Ryan Frazee (USA)

Los Angeles premiere

To Her

Orpheus lives in the memory of a past love from which he cannot free himself. His empty eyes make him unable to see love again but the encounter with a painter will give him the courage to embark on a journey into his own hell to permanently erase the shadow of Eurydice.

Directed by Jacopo Ardolino (Italy)

World premiere


A mysterious old phone drives people crazy.

Directed by Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain)

Los Angeles premiere


Two avid meth users close a garage door to find find themselves trapped in an addictive horrifying loop of constant drug abuse. All hope is lost once our protagonist decides to continue to smoke rather than choose to leave.

Directed by Kai Lendzion (USA)

Optic Nerve

On a stormy night in a cramped decrepit apartment, 1973, a man’s struggles between order and chaos collide and overtake him in this psychedelic trip of a film. Part narrative psycho-thriller, part audio-visual spectacle, one technicolor nightmare.

Directed by Peter Hartsock (USA)