Chaplin Theater: Block 1.5 – Special screening: 2021 Preview (5.20pm – 6.25pm)

Voices from the Void 

Two shipwrecked astronauts fight over how to get rescued from an alien desert.

Directed by by Theo Burtis (USA)

The Huntsman and the Hound

A Russian crime fable about two contract killers who reunite on a job to murder another professional assassin.

Directed by Francisco Ramirez (USA)

Glass Darkly

In 1941 Holland, two Dutch sisters must deal with the turmoil of their Nazi-occupied town. Based on a true story.

Directed by Dave Penner (USA)


A young hostess at a seedy gambling joint gets in over her head when the place is ripped off by a gang of crafty musician-thieves in search of a mysterious box.

Directed by Charlie Å (Canada)