Chaplin Theater: Block 1.4 – Thrillers (3.35pm – 5.10pm)

Kandi Kids

When a key witness in a high profile trial goes missing, a hard boiled detective under suspension is sent to track her down, off the books, in the dark underground rave society of Los Angeles.

Directed by Sandu Negrea (USA)

World premiere

Final Curtain

Everything in aspiring actor Finn O’Connor’s life seems to be going nowhere. A grotty flat on the wrong side of town carpeted with brown envelopes and final demands coupled with a constant stream of failed auditions and romantic rejections have stifled his belief that his big acting break is just around the corner.  As much as he despises it, Finn’s job waiting tables at the upmarket Luna restaurant was the only thing keeping his head above water but maybe his luck is about to change as his shift coincides with the attendance of famous director Brendan Bloom.

Directed by Dan Gifford (Ireland)

North America premiere


In a small town in the deep south, several children are abducted. After tireless efforts by determined Detective Greg Morgan, the children are found, but only one is left alive – a young boy named Aaron. Aaron’s traumatic experience leaves him mentally scarred and physically branded with a horrifying cryptic symbol. After nearly sixteen years, however, Morgan encounters Aaron once again. This uncanny “coincidence” pushes Morgan to re-open the case and track down those who were responsible.

Directed by Mitchell Smalenski (USA)

Damned If I Do

Juan Garcia is an immigrant from Mexico, newly smuggled into the United States, his only desire is to provide a life for his daughter back home. With the help of a kind stranger, Juan manages to rent a room but next door to someone he assumes is preying upon helpless naïve women. With no evidential proof, Juan still with no doubt believes his neighbor’s activities are nefarious. Faced with a decision to call the police and get deported, or take matters into his own hands, Juan’s moral conundrum is just the beginning of his problems. In addition, the neighbor has a secret identity that increases the risk and consequence of Juan’s decision.

Directed by Jeffery A. Thompson (USA)

World premiere