Chaplin Theater: Block 1.1 – Guns (10am – 11.50am)


Jack, a mysterious loner, is confronted by an unexpected visitor, one who threatens to bring the demons of his past crashing down on his idyllic new life. A twisting-and-turning, neo-western thriller shot on analog super 16mm.

Directed by Jesse Lin (USA)


A masked bounty hunter and a beautiful femme fatale fight to escape the ruthless gang of psychopaths they’ve robbed in this non-stop, postapocalyptic action flick.

Directed by Molotov Mitchell (USA)


Daniel Rush, a highly skilled cop with nothing to lose, no wife or children he spends his life working to track down criminals, especially the notorious Ronnie Keys, a brutal gangster who’s sole purpose is to see the world crumble. 

Directed by Adam Brashaw (UK)

Fugitive Zero

An escaped convict discovers he’s taking part in a live simulation where every moral decision determines his eligibility for parole.

Directed by Joe Lam (USA)

Black & White

In order to solve a crime of gangsters’ gun fighting and find out dirty money, a young police officer Will follow his boss sergeant Cheetah to investigate and catch the drug dealer Mark, Will’s brother, and his drug trafficking organization.

Directed by Wai Kuen Fu (USA)

World premiere

Green Cobra

The genre-bending story of a hit-man…excuse me, “Life Ending Technician.” Who details, to a documentary film crew, her rise in a mostly male dominated field, on the backdrop of a typical day on the job; which consists of Russian mob clients, disturbing methods of torture, and maybe one too many bad ex-boyfriends.

Directed by Sigurd Culhane (USA)

The Fixer

A crime, action, drama about an extorted Mafia enforcer who must partner with the femme fatale hired gun who murdered his wife in order to save his daughter and liberate himself from a sadistic Los Angeles crime boss.

Directed by Michael Schilf (USA)