Block 8. Other Languages (Sep 10th, 9.50pm-11.30pm)

At the Strawberry Stand

A guy passes by a Strawberry Stand, stops to buy a basket. His daydream starts when he immediatelly falls in love on first sight with the sales woman. Will his future- vison make him smarter?

Directed by Gerald Gerhard Pribek and Marc Weber (Austria)

Alter Ego

The film opens on a pair of hands opening a wooden box, slowly revealing the doll inside. Then the hand comes from above and blocks everything.

Directed by Jiaxun Xie (China)

World premiere

The Guardian Angel

A girl who is involved in caring for her paternal father is offered to emigrate by a friend. Since she has a problem with money, she enters the process of providing money, and here the old problems with his father are raised again. The girl is forced to do something far-fetched to emigrate from Iran.

Directed by Afshin Eisaei (Iran)

World premiere

Night After Night

In a small textile town in China, three young people working in a foreign land, each with their own sorrows. A case of cloth theft is quietly going on at night, a case that changes the fate of three people forever…

Directed by Danfeng Cai (China)

California premiere

The Dolls Game

“The Dolls Game”, with original name of “Thazh Bazi”, is a short film about a clown working in an amusement park in Iran, trying to get his salary from his employer to pay for the lawyer. He wants to get his daughter back.

Directed by Mehdi Mahaei (Iran)

Wellspring (Bukal)

In the jungle, only one source of clean water remains: a bukal, a hidden wellspring. Here, two opposing factions of soldiers converge in their search for the wellspring, knowing that whoever controls the last vestige of water, controls the territory.

Directed by Jeffrey Smith Quizon (Philippines)