Block 6. Action & Thrillers

Auditorium #13 | 12.50pm-2.35pm

Defy the Odds

Amateur race car driver, Bill Lester, is faced with a decision that will upend the stable office life he’s been trapped in. Based on the true story of Bill Lester, the first black NASCAR driver to win a race in NASCAR’s Grand-Am series.

Directed by Corry Wiens (USA)

(03:08) Nominated for Best Microfilm

Le Buron

Winter 1943. In the town of Salers, a Wechmacht officer is in pursuit of local members of the Resistance. As night falls, he loses his way and wanders into the Auvergne mountains. The soldier finds refuge in an isolated buron, occupied by a mysterious hermit.

Directed by Léo Pons (France)

(22:13) Nominated for Best Thriller Short, Best Acting Duo and Best Cinematography – North America premiere

Evacuation Point

The Delta team obtained the enemy’s important confidential documents, but after being discovered, all men except two mercenaries were sacrificed. The story of how the two of them resolved the frontal crisis and reached the evacuation point.

Directed by Hiram Zhou (China)

(13:28) Nominated for Best Action Short – USA premiere

The Perimeter

A film about three men who are guarding the last safe border of the civilized world, the Perimeter.

Directed by Joel Korhonen (Finland) 

(27:25) Nominated for Best Mystery Short and Best Original Screenplay – World premiere

The Madman

A rookie detective investigates a reported sight of an armed man in the woods.

Directed by Kalle Saarinen (Finland)

(11:50) Nominated for Best Thriller Short – USA premiere

Hometown Boys

Before Wolf splits for the coast, he and his gang The Hometown Boys have one last job, steal a pink lockbox from a quaint Scranton sex shop. Little do they know about what’s lurking in the shadows, ready to stop their heist, the store’s security guard… a Gimp.

Directed by Jamie Sutor (USA)

(09:37) Nominated for Best Action Short

Dream War

The story about one team of information extractors that infiltrate a mob boss’s dream and attempt to steal valuable information from him while he sleeps.

Directed by Kevin Barile (USA)

(16:45) Nominated for Best Action Short

Runtime 01:44:26