Block 4. Mysteries & Fantasies (Sep 10th, 3.20pm-5.10pm)

Maenad Fever

Deep in the Australian wilderness, in an institution shrouded by religion and secrecy, girls are vanishing. Segregated from modern society, the women are kept in the past by their devout Brethren. Beneath a facade of idyllic, rural beauty, the girls are forced to live in squalor and depravity, suffering horrific abuse from those entrusted to protect and educate them.

Directed by Tamara Cook (Australia)

North America premiere

The Red Death

Based on the short story of Edgar Allan Poe, the short is adapted at our days. With a pandemic in act, Alexander and his guests are celebrating a party for being safe from “The Red Death”.

Directed by Rodolfo De Maistre and Alberto Scisco (Italy)

World premiere

The King of Nowhere

The middle of nowhere, Siberia. A grizzled hermit squats in an abandoned church. He is cold, lonely and all out of food. Instincts clash with pride and stubbornness, as he is forced to walk a fine line between survival and dignity.

Directed by Victor Harder Hesel (Denmark)

The Last Zombie

A young girl gives a zombie boy a second chance at life, but can she save him before her crazy ex circus family track him down in a last zombie hunt.

Directed by John Walton (Australia)

Los Angeles premiere

Harley Quinn – Blazing Shadows 

“Harley Quinn – Blazing Shadows” tells the story of Harley’s redemption from the Joker. Taking place about five years after her breakup from the Joker, it reveals that Harley has moved back to her hometown Brooklyn, where she grew up, and now lives in a relationship with her girlfriend, Poison Ivy. However, after all these years in her now quite “middle-class life,” she slowly starts to long for the good old days, when she robbed banks and was guided by great feelings for The Joker and had many great adventures.

Directed by Thomas Bernecker (Germany)