Block 4. Dramas

Auditorium #12 | 4.20pm-6pm

A Yemeni

Salim, a Somalian refugee in Yemen, attempts to help his fiance’s gravely ill grandfather. On their journey to seek medical care, they encounter a violent event in the desert that devastates Salim. He loses everything. Salim must now cope with the loss and live with his fatal mistake.

Directed by Alyssa Amer (USA) 

(09:06) Nominated for Best Drama Short and Best Student Female Director – World premiere

Paris Is Just a Big Dirty City

Anya has always dreamed of being European. When she arrives in Paris and meets Marcus, a young French artist, her wishes to leave her American way of life behind are complicated.

Directed by Alexandra Papoulias Barton and Zak Fishman (USA)

(22:11) Contender for the 2024 Annual Awards (guest film) – World premiere


A young lobsterman’s long day as he battles an opioid addiction on the Maine coast.

Directed by Joseph Louis Coleman (USA)

(19:31) Nominated for Best Student Short, Best Student Male Director and Best Actress

Wither With Her

Blurring the lines between documentary and classic narrative, to create something uniquely surreal, the film revolves around a couple, Ivan and Kayla, who are heroin addicts.

Directed by Jason W Hammond (Canada)

(32:49) Nominated for Best Experimental Short, Best Male Director, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor – California premiere

The Forgotten

When a homeless man attempts to kick his fentanyl addiction in order to enter a shelter, he is faced with a bigger problem as a demon begins haunting him.

Directed by Michael Joseph (USA)

(14:46) Contender for the 2024 Annual Awards (guest film) – World premiere

Runtime 01:39:01