Block 3. Indies

Auditorium #12 | 2.30pm-4.20pm


A dark mystery puzzle-drama. Trapped within a distortion of time, unravelling his fragmented memories, a man comes into contact with a woman living in real-time who reveals the truth about him.

Directed by Anthony Kalmeta (USA)

(13:58) Nominated for Best Mystery Short and Best Editing – California premiere


A grieving shut-in finds herself stuck between life and death.

Directed by Elias Hinojosa (USA)

(08:52) Nominated for Best Fantasy Short

The Visit

An 8 year old girl is left to navigate some very strange company.

Directed by Mitchell Linden (USA) 

(14:17) Nominated for Best Indie Short, Best Male Director and Best Child/Young Actress – Los Angeles premiere

To Say Goodbye Is To Die A Little

A late night ride share where their journey is the same but their destinations are very different.

Directed by Michele Ly (USA)

(15:34) Contender for the 2024 Annual Awards (guest film)

The Chieftain Of The Pudding Race

Amid diverse travelers and affluent locals, Sunny struggles to find solace within his hometown and amongst his friends.

Directed by Shane Crosland (Australia)

(26:16) Nominated for Best Indie Short, Best First Time Male Director and Best Original Screenplay

Guan C·X8129

This is a story about Zhixin Zhou, a thirty-year old uber driver, living in the miserable life with the misfortune of origin and loss of family. Even if the strange city cannot offer any meaningful destination but isolation, he drive with calm. Although he have seen such various passengers, the boy in skirt, the thief stealing for bride price, and the abandoned old man with persistence still greatly inspired him.

Directed by Yizhi Lin (China)

(18:20) Nominated for Best Indie Short – World premiere

Could You Please Repeat That?

A 70 year old Vietnamese grandfather who takes on a modern job opportunity in the U.S in order to spend more quality time with his 7 year old granddaughter.

Directed by Minnie Nguyen (USA)

(12:28) Nominated for Best Drama Short, Best Female Director, Best Actor and Best Ensemble Cast – California premiere

Runtime 01:49:45