Block 12. Bizarre

Auditorium #14 | 4.15pm-6pm

Rei Ami

A dangerously deranged captive, and a soon-to-be helpless captor… but really who is who? From helicopter pads to closed down strip clubs, Rei’s freedom to terrorize her suppressor feels like a dream come true, but is it really?

Directed by Samantha Long (USA)

(02:39) Nominated for Best Music Video

You Can’t Stop What’s Coming

An old farmhouse. A man left for dead aims to confront those responsible.

Directed by John David Cranman (USA)

(03:08) Nominated for Best Microfilm – Los Angeles premiere

What a Harvest

A father tries to connect with his video game obsessed daughter, until he learns she hasn’t been eating her meals.

Directed by Austin Rivera Davison and Matt Shapiro (USA)

(14:57) Nominated for Best Child/Young Actress

The Cannibals

A dark comedy follows the family and owners of Magnotti Meats, a small butcher shop. Their lives take a dark turn when Noah’s girlfriend turns up dead and a deep family secret lay bare, cannibalism. Maralena the matriarch and strong willed goth daughter Salem kept their secret until now from her naive brother Noah.

Directed by Kim Hopkins and Abigail Breslin (USA)

(18:39) Contender for the 2024 Annual Awards (guest film) – California premiere

Old Time Radio

Riktus Grim, decaying away in a wretched squawler, awaits his only solace: a new tale from his Old Time Radio (voiced by Paul Giamatti). What wretchedly delightful tale will his host present to him this evening? As Riktus’s lobotomized servant, Vincent, bumbles in… the Host speaks! It’s time to prepare for a new terror!

Directed by Joel B Harlow (USA)

(05:26) Nominated for Best Dark Comedy Short and Best First Time Male Director

Designated Driver

Four girlfriends go out for a night to party, for three it will be their last.

Directed by Joss Refauvelet (USA)

(17:17) Contender for the 2024 Annual Awards (guest film) – World premiere


A pesky hangnail sends Cote into an obsessive state while creating a disconnect in her relationship with her girlfriend resulting in an unsettling terror.

Directed by Rosalee Yagihara (Canada)

(07:12) Nominated for Best LGBTQ Short and Best First Time Female Director

Water Dawg

Once upon a time on Halloween, 1979… A new treat is introduced.

Directed by Christopher Baiza (USA)

(32:49) Contender for the 2024 Annual Awards (guest film) – World premiere

Runtime 01:42:09