Block 10. Comedies

Auditorium #14 | 12.30pm-2.30pm


Dwight, a 50 year old left over 80’s metal rocker, who’s still holding onto his rockstar dreams while living at home with his mom and working as an Uber driver, has a one night stand with Vivian, a married lady who struggles with letting go of her wild side.

Directed by Jeff Hilliard (USA)

(06:44) Nominated for Best Music Video

Blackwater Blues

Two brothers in a small Mississippi town, who have been in and out of jail, receive clues regarding their mother’s disappearance. This new quest throws them in the midst of a biker gang, drug dealers, and the CIA.

Directed by Stephen Wise (USA)

(24:58) Nominated for Best Web Series/TV Pilot

The Guitar Thief

Two mariachi players cope with rent increases, a changing neighborhood and a stolen guitar.

Directed by Miguel Lepe Jr (USA)

(16:29) Nominated for Best Comedy Short – Los Angeles premiere

Da Capo – The Town of Music

Alien lives in Da Capo, a music city where every genre has its own district. Alien is born into the royal jazz family of the major, but he wants to play funk since he can remember. There is only one way out. He has to challenge his brother, the major of Jazz District, to a Jam-Off to get free and immigrate to Funk District.

Directed by Darc Mavid (Germany)

(24:57) Nominated for Best Comedy Short – California premiere

Tiger Lily

A screenwriter’s day goes from bad to worse as he navigates personal relationships and the entertainment industry.

Directed by Emmett Kowalski (USA)

(14:01) Nominated for Best Dark Comedy Short and Best Actor – Los Angeles premiere

Normally Mormon

Abby grew up in a loving, albeit strict, LDS community with her life planned. But on the night of her 4th wedding anniversary to Braxton, a confession upheavals their world and sends her down a path of inner, outer and higher, reflection.

Directed by Tyler Schuelke (USA)

(29:30) Nominated for Best Comedy Short and Best Acting Duo

Runtime 01:56:39