Award Winners: February 2020


Best Short

The Light Thief by Eva Daoud (Spain)


Best Foreign-Language Short

Play by Piotr Sulkowski (Poland)


Best Student Short

Vincent by Gabriele Di Sazio (USA)


Best Horror Short: Room 566 by Dylan Snyder (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Horror Short): Beckoned by Richard Zelniker (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Subject Six: Alpha Two by Mark Borison (USA)

Best Student Sci-Fi Short: Safety Space by Rohil Aniruth (USA)

Best Comedy Short: Dogmate by Amanda Thickpenny and Mollie Vogt-Welch (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Green Cobra by Sigurd Culhane (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Dark Comedy Short): Brought To You By Satan by Holly Laurent (USA)

Best Thriller Short: The Rabbit Hole by Richard Bakewell (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Thriller Short): Aks by Satyam Raj (India)

Best Student Thriller Short: Zest For Life by Tommy Bardal (Norway)

Best Mystery Short: Turpentine by Elijah St. Amant (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Mystery Short): Missing by Alexander Hankoff (USA)

Best Crime Short: Cashed Out by Michael Trainor (Canada)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Crime Short): Rookies by John Anthony (USA)

Best Film Noir Short: Into the Light by Saulo Guilherme Senra (Brazil)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Film Noir Short): The Lobbyists by Thomas Pace (USA)

Best Action Short: Dante Falls by Nancy Lin (USA)

Best Fantasy Short: The Light Thief by Eva Daoud (Spain)

Best Student Fantasy Short: Tumbili by Brando Benetton (USA)

Best Western Short: In The Blood by Regina Banali (USA)

Best Indie Short: Two Strangers by Sam Fayed (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Indie Short): 1814 Frost Fair by Julia Fullerton-Batten (UK)

Best Student Indie Short: Loss Of Reality by Martin Holper (Austria)

Best Drama Short: Abroad by Enrique Suarez (USA)

Best Student Drama Short: Vincent by Gabriele Di Sazio (USA)

Best Children Short: A Home for Curiosities by Ben Tobin (USA)

Best Student Children Short: Double Life by Ma Xiaohan (China)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Romantic Short): First and Last by Badar Tareen (USA)

Best Women Short: Kapara by Steven Hudson (Australia)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Women Short): Out of the Quiet by CC Weske (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short: Dear Aunt Noa by Dana Aliya Levinson and Michael Armstrong Barr (USA)

Best Student LGBTQ Short: Polar Opposites by Kit McDonald (USA)

Best Animation Short: Anacronte by Raúl Koler and Emiliano Sette (Argentina)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Animation Short): One Last Monster by Gene Kim (USA)

Best Documentary Short: Lost Ones: The Story of Dex Osama by Spencer King (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Documentary Short): Reclaiming The Negative by Mike Beech (UK)

Best Experimental Short: Play by Piotr Sulkowski (Poland)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Experimental Short): To Her by Jacopo Ardolino (Italy)

Best Student Experimental Short: The Day You Long For by Benoit Ganesan (UK)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Thumb Runner by Dylan Bruno and Kasper Vejlø Kristensen (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Web Series/TV Pilot): The Grimoire Chapters: Rem by Michael Davis (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Web and New Media): Oh My God! by Ezgi Gundogdu and Farsina Kabir Prithwi (Canada)

Best Student Web and New Media: Sweet Honey Overdrive by Julia San Andres, Conor Twohy, Niko Trusko, Noah Friend, Jo Sanford, and Emily Austin (USA)

Best Mobile Short: Mislinked by Cristiano Soares (Brazil)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Mobile Short): Piss Off by Henry Baker (USA)

Best Microfilm: 1814 Frost Fair by Julia Fullerton-Battenn (UK)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Microfilm): Three Minutes by Victoria Kieburtz (USA)

Best Student Microfilm: Expires 2/11 by Manuel Rodriguez (Canada)

Best Music Video: Center of Attention by Tedra Wilson (TT The Artist) (USA)

Best Mockumentary/Docucomedy Short: Wives Of The Skies by Honey Lauren (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Mockumentary/Docucomedy Short): Artísta Obscura by Rhyan Schwartz (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Parody Short): Couch’s Crazy Cartoon Commercials by Steve Couch (USA)

Best Short Script: Bull And Bear: A Love Story by David Healy (USA)

Best Producer: Elijah St. Amant, Lindsey O’Heron, and Melinda Tibbitts for Turpentine (USA)

Best Director (Female): Eva Daoud for The Light Thief (Spain)

Best Director (Male): Sam Fayed for Two Strangers (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Nancy Lin for Dante Falls (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Gabriele Di Sazio for Vincent (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Julia Fullerton-Batten for 1814 Frost Fair (UK)

Best First Time Director (Male): Elijah St. Amant for Turpentine (USA)

Best Actress: Colleen Foy for Green Cobra (USA)

Best Actor: Dakota Kappen for Vincent (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Beau Garrett for Vincent (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Charles Scatolini for Ravage (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Baran Vaghar for My Birthday Party (Iran)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Child/Young Actress): Fabiana Laneve for Passi D’amore (Steps of Love) (Italy)

Best Child/Young Actor: Nathaniel Ruth for A Home for Curiosities (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Dan Sauer and Jacki Hydock for The Lobbyists (USA)

Best Child/Young Acting Duo (Special Jury Prize): Huang Jingxi and Zhao Qianqian for Double Life (China)

Best Acting Ensemble: Angel de Miguel, Maria Pedroviejo, Alicia Lobo, Aloma Escuder, Julia Fournier, Rebeca Roldan, Chema Moro, and Alicia Montesquiu for The Light Thief (Spain)

Best Original Screenplay: Honey Lauren for Wives Of The Skies (USA)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Eva Daoud for The Light Thief (Spain)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Adapted Screenplay): Mark Borison and Alex Cogan for Subject Six: Alpha Two (USA)

Best Production Design: Vincent (USA)

Best Cinematography: Miguel de Olaso Macgregor for The Light Thief (Spain)

Best Editing: Sergio Rozas for The Light Thief (Spain)

Best Sound Design: Hao Chen for Dante Falls (USA)

Best Sound Editing: Alvaro Lopez-Arregui for The Light Thief (Spain)

Best Sound Mixing: Anacronte (Argentina)

Best Original Score: Jorge Magaz and Pablo Martin Caminero for The Light Thief (Spain)

Best Special FX: The Light Thief (Spain)

Best Visual FX: Dante Falls (USA)

Best Costume Design: Honey Lauren for Wives Of The Skies (USA)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Inaki Maestre for The Light Thief (Spain)

Best Special Makeup: Cassie Szachury, Renee Chen, and Emilia Dellepiane for Modular Heritage (Canada)

Best Set Design: The Light Thief (Spain)

Best Original Song: “I Can Go” by Walter Thoma and Laura Douglas for Filum (Canada)

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