Technical Categories: Nominations of September 2021

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Genre Categories: Nominations of September 2021

Best Producer


Best Director (Female)

Daniela Di Salvo for Welcome Home (Canada)

Keren Green for Holding South (New Zealand)

Sonalii Castillo for Kid (USA)

Best Director (Male)

Ari Kruger for Waiting for Goldman (South Africa)

Francisco Ramirez for The Huntsman and the Hound (USA)

Logan Mansberger for Contingency (USA)

Michael William Hogan for Breaking & Entering (USA)

Nicholas Bromund for Did/Didn’t (USA)

Best Student Director (Male)

Alpay Andy Birdinc for Outlaw (USA)

Cyrus Jabbari for Cybernetic Vøid (USA)

Daniel Bott for Do You Still Ask About Me (UK)

James Matthew Rutkin for The Lumberjack (Australia)

Xinyuan Chen for Please Not Be My Mom (China)

Best First Time Director (Female)

LaShaunte Wade for Let Them Eat (USA)

Tara Erickson for A Real Killjoy (USA)

Vittoria Alonso and Bailey James for The Women of Colour Project (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Adrian Baragan for Making the Journey of Life (USA)

Christopher J. Moriarity for Reverse the Punishment (USA)

Jeff Carolan for Captive (USA)

Miguel Vite for A Certain Romance (Mexico)

Nolt Vutthisak for Spaceman (Thailand)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female)


Best Actress

Charisse Uy for Holding South (New Zealand)

Charlotte Bjornbak for Captive (USA)

Kiri Hartig for Breaking & Entering (USA)

Mellissa Hayde for The Lumberjack (Australia)

Tati Golykh for Three Stops (USA)

Best Actor

Rupert Green for Holding South (New Zealand)

Stephen Sorrentino for A Tale of Redemption and Regret with Sunny the Heat (USA)

Tony Nevada for Captive (USA)

Best Supporting Actor


Best Acting Duo

David Isaacs and De Klerk Oelofse for Waiting for Goldman (South Africa)

Nick Gracer and Ryan de Quintal for The Huntsman and the Hound (USA)

Tati Golykh and Mutodi Neshehe for Three Stops (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Arielle Hope, Patrick Heraghty, Aline Decat, Raymond Turturro, and Keeley Shantz for Lipstick Traces (USA)

Bile E. Jones, Dana Hanna, and Marquita D. Owens-Robinson for Mr. Right? (USA)

Erin Westfall, Alan C Jones, Hyrum Yeakley, Neb Joyner, Eric D Ellis, Ryan Sorensen, Aaron Witt, Max Knudson, Jordan Gore, Alexander Sproule-Fendel, and Harley Miranda for Did/Didn’t (USA)

Patsy Taylor, Ginger Cerio, Dale Beasley, and Stan McDonald for Pepper & Cinnamon (USA)

Silas Irwin, Maisie Owens, Tom Rodgers, Jan Hunt, and Nola Wallace for Billy Blue Eyes (Australia)

Best Original Screenplay


Best Adapted Screenplay


Best Production Design

Dayna Lucas for The Huntsman and the Hound (USA)

Glenn Blomfield for Holding South (New Zealand)

Rupali Ingle for The House of the Butterfly (USA)

Best Cinematography

Daniel Grisak for Hues of Blue (USA)

Kenneth Yeung for The Huntsman and the Hound (USA)

Marcus-Henri Williams for The Lumberjack (Australia)

Natalie Bible’ for Kid (USA)

Robert Vaughn for To The Ones Left (USA)

Best Editing

Alpay Andy Birdinc for Outlaw (USA)

Christoph Johannes Superstar Green for Lydia Emily’s Last Mural (USA)

Michael Rognlie for Gary (USA)

Nolt Vutthisak for Spaceman (Thailand)

Rhys Green for Holding South (New Zealand)

Best Special FX


Best Visual FX


Best Sound Design

Andrew Vernon for On / Off (Argentina)

Kahra Scott-James for Holding South (New Zealand)

Michael Rognlie for Gary (USA)

Best Sound Editing


Best Original Score

Alan Williams for Estefan (USA)

Charlie Sehres for Holding South (New Zealand)

Danuchate Wisaijorn for Spaceman (Thailand)

Jordan Tulinsky for The Lumberjack (Australia)

Michael Brennan for On / Off (Argentina)

Best Costume Design


Best Makeup and Hairstyling


Best Special Makeup

Arabella Hellstrom for Professor M (USA)

Kelli Rognlie for Gary (USA)

Sidney Cumbie and Jacquelyn Coon for A Real Killjoy (USA)

Best Set Design


Best Original Song



Genre Categories: Nominations of September 2021

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