Genre Categories: Nominations of December 2019

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of December competing in 62 different categories. These projects were shortlisted from a 35,2% acceptance rate official selection pool, based on submissions from 16 countries with a total runtime of 53:36:13.

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IndieX Film Fest

Best Horror Short

Murdercycle by Tyler Turner (USA)

Sketch by Jared Leaf (USA)

The House Call by David Schuler (USA)

The Little Girl in White (The Dark Hallways Horror Anthology) by Lawrence Lee Wallace (USA)

The Re-Education of Jane Brown by MK McGehee (USA)


Best Sci-Fi Short

Hound Dog by Michael Robert Anderson andMatt Provenzano (USA)

The Remaining Eight by Mór Kőműves (Hungary)

They Came and Left by Franklin Fuentes and Galicia Vaca Lopez (USA)


Best Comedy Short

Allen by Han Chuan Kuo (USA)

Blood, Water and Money by Sarah Goldschmidt (Austria)

Escape From Cockatoo Island by Wenqi Tang (Australia)

Flopsee and Buttercup by Freddie Connor (USA)

How Much? by Sean Morris (USA)


Best Dark Comedy Short

Actually Dying Up Here by Manikandan Mathivanan (USA)

Grave Digging by Tommy Jordan (USA)

Harvey Wallbanger by Abdul Stone Jackson (USA)

Proper British Sex by Shant Hamassian (USA)

Sui Caedere by Fabrizio Accettulli (Italy)


Best Thriller Short

Amatory by M.K. Rhodes (USA)

Bite Me! by Sergei Safiullin (USA)

Guardian Angel by Ralph Odierna (USA)

Scars by Xiwen Miao (USA)

The Springs County Psycho by Chris Stem (USA)


Best Mystery Short

Bubble Butt by Graham Cooper (USA)

Contrition by Dalton Burdette (USA)

The Follower by Ruijing Chen (USA)


Best Crime Short

A Family Matter by John Anthony (USA)

Imminent Night by Jehnovah Carlisle (USA)

The Burglar by Xander Copp (Canada)


Best Film Noir Short

A Killer By Night by Scott Edward Morris (Canada)

Absent Shadow by David Krause (USA)

Occurrence at Mills Creek by Don Swanson (USA)


Best Action Short

Escape from North Korea by Keith Eng (USA)

Greif by Estevan Carrion and Matthew McDonald (USA)

Pseudo by Steven Chan (USA)


Best Fantasy Short

Dance of the Porcelain Demons by Cat Watson (UK)

Ganzfeld by Anthony Culanag (USA)

Laidover by Tom Proctor (USA)

Trick of the Old Cat by Eugene Khazin (USA)

Tristoff and the Infinite Sadness by William Stancik (USA)


Best Western Short

Award Winner TBA (Special Jury Prize)


Best Indie Short

June by Yangxuan Zhou (China)

Last Hurrah by David Del Rio (USA)

Outside the Angel City by Taylor Bright (USA)

Silent Ties by George Leontakianakos (Greece)

The Necklace by Tong Shengyuan (China)


Best Drama Short

Four Stages of Fire by Taylor Lewis (USA)

Outside the Angel City by Taylor Bright (USA)

Porch by Christian DiPillo (USA)

The Remaining Eight by Mór Kőműves (Hungary)

What Just Happened by Francis Yamoah (UK)


Best Romantic Short

Professional Bride by Liza Korotka (Canada)

Reflection Row by Jeremy Izzo (USA)

Therapy by Lindsay Guion and Dame Pierre (USA)


Best Women Short

Blood, Water and Money by Sarah Goldschmidt (Austria)

Eb and Flo by Lois Brabin-Platt (UK)

Vicky’s Not Here by Anna Naumi (USA)


Best LGBTQ Short

Award Winner TBA (Special Jury Prize)


Best Animation Short

Burgess 3.14 by William Stancik (USA)

Hemlock and Steve by Michael Chau (USA)

Urbanality by Evan McInnes (Australia)


Best Documentary Short

Assem by Nisreen Al Alsbeihi Noman (Jordan)

Godspeed Mc: For God and Country by R.J. Hall (USA)

The Difference by Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern (USA)

The Last Harvest by Alexis Spradic (USA)

The Titanic Chronicles by Wayne Keeley (USA)


Best Experimental Short

Alarmed by Ramon Garcia (USA)

ArchiPaper by Rafal Barnas (Poland)

Bubble Butt by Graham Cooper (USA)

Cucumber by Haichuan Xu (USA)

Manifesto by Richard Marra (USA)


Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Game of Souls by Max Körner (Germany)

Harvey Wallbanger by Abdul Stone Jackson (USA)

Unclaimed Remains: Forgotten by Thomas Phillips (USA)


Best Web and New Media

Godspeed Mc: For God and Country by R.J. Hall (USA)

Grow Sisters, Know Your Farmer by Siobhan Danger Darwish (USA)

TrollGoals by Andrew Smith (USA)


Best Mobile Short

Careful in the Future by James O’Brien (USA)

Millbrook Road by Clint Green (USA)

Poker by Christopher Leong (USA)

Swimming Upstream by Caren Messing (USA)

Weaponized by James O’Brien (USA)


Best Microfilm

Make Me Up by Michelle Serje (USA)

The Absence of You by Gary O. Bennet (USA)

Urbanality by Evan McInnes (Australia)


Best Music Video

A New Generation by Jason Winfield (USA)

Even The Greats by Elliot C. Way (Canada)

Nice Shoes by Jonathan Lawrence (USA)

Time Slips Away by Charlie Mysak (USA)

Twins: New Continents and Ancient Rivers by Lucie Ternisien (France)


Best Short Script

How to Summon a Demon by Michael Davis (USA)

No Les, No More by Tim Northburg (USA)

Outside The Angel City by Taylor Bright (USA)

Portrait of a Mexicana Poet in Iowa City by James Fitzmaurice (UK)

Renovation by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid (USA)

Selfless by Grant Carson (USA)


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