Coiffeur Extraordinaire – Waiting For Legros

If you love the oldHammer Films, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Jim Henson, and Terry Gilliam flicks, then you’re going to love this film!

The Queen and her trusty confidant are back, and they have been patiently waiting for their desperately needed hairstyling appointment. The flamboyant and prestigious 18th century hairdresser and paranormal adventurer Legros de Rumigny and his trusty assistant Fremont travel to a remote mountain top castle to battle cursed hair.

Several film techniques were used in order to bring Coiffeur Extraordinaire – Waiting For Legros to life: shooting on real film, miniatures, paper cutouts, green screen, live action, illustrations, still photography, digital effects, and more.

Directed by Lance Lucero (USA)

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