Part-time Lover

After a one night stand between two friends of benefits, the boy wasn’t satisfied with their current unstable relationship. Therefore, he asked the girl to develop a more stable relationship with him, but he was rejected by the girl. The boy was depressed and turned to consume alcohol, but he had no other choices but to give up. However, on the taxi ride back home, the boy spotted the girl’s car and asked the driver to follow her to where she lives. It’s late in night, and there was a series sudden knocks on the girl’s apartment door. The girl opened the door in shock because the boy was here. Before the girl figured out how did the boy get here, the boy rushed in the apartment and accused the girl angrily that she’s been around too many men, but this argument wasn’t going anywhere. Finally the boy compromised to stay on the couch for the rest of the night, but he fails to fall asleep. A quiet cough came out from the girl’s bedroom, and the boy got up and discovered the girl was awake as well. They then went for a walk beside a river and exchanged a few ambiguous looks. However, when the boy wakes up on the couch the next morning, the girl was already gone, everything she had with her in the apartment was nowhere to be found as well. The boy then went to the same path they went for the walk. He stared into the river then threw a rock as hard as he could into the waters, and laughed in hysteria and relief. He finally twigged what this relationship was all about.

Directed by Bangyuan Zhang (China)

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