When Andres, a 38-year-old property broker, receives an offer to sell a house, he does not hesitate for a moment. After the difficulties suffered during the past years, he has worked hard to restore his situation.
The day begins with a visit to a house on the outskirts of the city, which generates in Andres a strange mixture of restlessness and peace. When he opens the door, for some reason, the image causes him a jolt of unease: a slight, irrational shiver that passes as soon as it has appeared. The house looks sinister and it’s almost empty. It is hard to imagine what kind of person lived there before. Nevertheless, gradually, Andres discovers traces of his own life. Flowers in the bathroom or some music might seem innocent to anyone’s eyes, but for him, they are just the opposite: They are clues. Between gloomy walls and nightfall, hallucinations become confusing memories. It seems as if the person he has contacted to sell the land is someone he knows. Someone he wants to forget. But that person is now at home… The night ends and under the sun a deep desolation invades him remembering what he could not face.

Directed by Juan Lume (Chile)

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