Day Zero – Exploring Solutions before Systems Collapse

Day Zero – Exploring Solutions before Systems Collapse

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Carl Eneroth (“All the Way”) presents Sthlm Social Innovation Lab’s documentary Day Zero – Exploring Solutions before Systems Collapse.

What if we are the generation that solves the climate crisis?

Sparked by Greta Thunberg’s urge to listen to the scientists and do something about Climate Change, this documentary explores ten solutions before systems collapse with Cape Town as a starting point. Acute water shortages led to the threat of shutting down municipal water in April 2018 with severe consequences for the population. That was Cape Town’s Day Zero. Regulations, changing behaviours and heavy rains postponed their Day Zero until it was abolished six months later.

As extreme weather becomes more frequent, however, a new Day Zero is around the corner. We need solutions to uphold external sustainability, but what if our world view is part of the problem? Outer and inner sustainability have to be addressed in parallell.

The documentary Day Zero shows examples of professionals working to find solutions to address the climate crisis. International cooperation, energy efficiency and renewable fuels, circular flows for food production and clothing are examples of important steps to reduce climate impact, but these cannot be the only answers. Management consultants, entrepreneurs, actors and choir conductors offer additional perspectives on how to strengthen the human collaboration necessary for climate change and build capacity to handle increased complexity.

Directed by Carl Eneroth (Sweden)

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