A sponsored project of Film Independent, “Speaking” is a 20-minute absurdist comedy film satirizing the male-centric, self-absorbed epic cinema of the past. 

Our story begins tens of thousands of years ago, in a time before civilization, society, and even spoken language. Those grand old days when poop was acceptable to carry by hand, and a good rock would go a long way. Giant beasts roam the land. Wild storms rain down destruction.

It is a time of momentous change…

We meet a beleaguered tribe of cavepeople on the heels of disaster. Bloodied and beaten. They are the last of their kind. They are a simple, deeply stupid people. They cannot speak. They struggle through the elements in search of shelter. Of food. Of fire. Of anything to keep them going just a little while longer.

Directed by Nich Esposito (USA)

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