AfflictionIn a bar at night, a man named Allen is drunk and raving about a girlfriend. The bartender cuts him off after he gets aggressive. He leaves. Walking down the street alone, he realizes he is being followed right before an unseen figure abducts him.
He awakes in a basement/cellar, tied to a pole. He pleads for someone to help him or tell him what’s going on. Slowly, a figure emerges wearing a gray jumpsuit and an unsettling, geisha-style mask covering their face. They slowly run their fingers over several bloody knives on the table beside them. They confront Allen who continues to beg for his life. The figure opens his shirt and begins to slice his chest with the knife as Allen screams.
Flashback – Allen has a heated, emotionally-charged phone conversation with his girlfriend, who breaks up with him after telling him she’s fed up with his violent persona and substance/alcohol abuse. Upset, he drinks aggressively, heading out to his car for a drive.
Back in the cellar, the masked figure feeds him whiskey, which he happily accepts right before they pour it in his eyes. Screaming in pain, he demands to know who they are.
Flashback – continued – Allen drives drunk after the phone conversation with his girlfriend. Not paying attention, he hits an attractive young woman walking down the street. Seeing her sprawled out across the pavement, he drives off, not realizing she isn’t dead…
In the cellar, the masked figure removes the mask to reveal that they are the woman he hit, with a massive scar covering her face. She tells him how he destroyed her entire life, turning her into a monster. It’s time for justice. He begs for mercy as she puts the mask back on and begins slicing his face.

Directed by Andrew Jackson (USA)

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